Turkish Textile Material Manufacturers and Suppliers

Turkish textile material, Turkey textile material manufacturers/suppliers and exporters directory. High quality textile material from Turkish suppliers, exporters and manufacturer companies in Turkey.

CANDAS IPEK TEKSTIL        Türkiye     İpek CANDAŞ    
s screen meshes, textile meshes, silk screen meshes, silk meshes, synthetic screen meshes, synthetic meshes, monofilament polyester meshes, technical textiles, technical textile products, printing fabrics, screen printing fabrics, filter clothes, air filter clothes, water filter clothes, oil filter clothes, polyester screen meshes, screen printing fabrics for textiles, screen printing fabrics for t-shirts, screen printing fabrics for garments, screen printing fabrics for glass, screen printing fabrics for ceramic tiles, screen printing fabrics for ceramic decals, screen printing fabrics for advertising materials, screen printing fabrics for plastic, textile product, textile material, fabric, screen printing, technical textile, printing fabric, screen printing fabric, filter cloth, screen printing fabric for textiles, screen printing fabric for t-shirts, screen printing fabric for garments, screen printing fabric for glass, screen printing fabric for ceramic tiles, screen printing fabric for ceramic decals, screen printing fabric for advertising materials, screen printing fabric for plastic, silk screen mesh, screen mesh, textile mesh, silk mesh, synthetic screen mesh, synthetic mesh, monofilament polyester mesh, technical textile product, air filter cloth, water filter cloth, oil filter cloth, polyester screen mesh, textile products, textile materials, fabrics
ACIKGUL TEKSTIL        Türkiye         
s textile product, textile products, tarpaulins, tents, tarpaulin, tent, gabardine, gaberdine, polyester, polyesters, tarpaulin accessories, tarpaulin accessory, textile materials, textile material, canvas, polyesters
s comsmetics, beauty care products, electronics, immitation leatherettes, textile material, used shoes, secondhand clothing
ELVIN TEKSTIL A.S.        Türkiye         
s textile product, textile products, fabrics, fabric, sheers, decorative fabrics, decorative fabric, drapery, wallcoverings, wallcovering, hospitality fabrics, designing fabrics, designing fabric, fancy fabrics, fancy fabric, textile materials, textile material, woven fabric wallcoverings
DIKGOR IPLIK TEKSTIL LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Örfi GÜL    
s sewing threads, turkey, yarn, suture, threads, sewing yarn, texturize sewing threads, polyester sewing threads, polyester threads, cotton sewing thread, gazed mercerised cotton sewing thread, sewing, 150 denier texturised polyester yarn, yarn dyeing, dyehouse, polyester yarn, high tenacity, continuous flament, shoe sewing, textile, textiles, textile products, textile product, textile material, textile materials, textile equipment, textile equipments, polyester sewing thread, sewing thread, sewing materials, sewing material, yarn products, polyester products, yarn product, mercerised cotton sewing thread, 150 denier textured polyester yarn, spun polyester sewing thread, sewing products, sewing product, polyester product
IMPULS DIS TIC. LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Mustafa KIROĞLU    
s textile products, textile materials, reeds, sizing chemicals, cylinder bandages, flat reeds, dual reeds, air jet reeds, water jet reeds, auto spares, auto spare parts, filters, auto filters, truck filters, bus filters, heavy duty machine filters, polysaccharides, linings, lining pads, marine engine filters, erosion filters, air filters, hydraulic filters, performance type filters, polyurethane air filters, separator filters, dust collector filters, oil filters, fuel filters, nuts, air filter, oil filter, fuel filter, screw, auto spare part, industrial oils, nut, anchorages, union, auto filter, industrial oil, textile product, screws, rondels, anchorage, textile material, unions, lining, hydraulic filter, filter, wind turbine parts, wind turbine connection parts, union nuts, emsize e5, emsize e14, textile wachs, reed, sizing chemical, flat reed, dual reed, air jet reed, water jet reed, performance type filter, polyurethane air filter, separator filter, dust collector filter, stabbing, union nut, auto spare, construction machine filters, bus filter, truck filter, rondel, water jet reeds, flat reeds, air jet reeds, air compressor filter, air compressor filters, construction machine filter, cylinder bandage, erosion filter, heavy duty machine filter, kluber oil, kluber oils, lining pad, marine engine filter, mobil oil, mobil oils, polysaccharide, stabbings, wind turbine connection part, wind turbine part
SM TEKSTIL SAN. TIC. LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Murat ÇETİN    
s textile materials, textile products, yarns, threads, fabrics, winter fabrics, summer fabrics, men winter fabrics, lady winter fabrics, men summer fabrics, lady summer fabrics, viscose, twisted viscose, compact interlock, combed lacoste, full lycra jersey, full lycra double-knit, combed cotton jersey, combed double-knit, diagonal, cotton polyester double-knit, twoplyfleece, yarn, fabric, viscose fabric, thread, yarn, fabric, textile product, viscose fabrics, textile material, thread, textile product, selanik fabric, selanik, selanik fabrics, textile material, cotton polyester three thread, ringel interlock, single jersey ringel, ringel double-knit, ringel lycra jersey, acrylic fantasy, wool fancy, regatta fantasy, twisted viscose fabrics, compact interlock fabrics, combed lacoste fabrics, full lycra jersey fabrics, double-knit full lycra fabrics, combed cotton jersey fabric, double-knit combed cotton fabrics, diagonal fabrics, double-knit polyester cotton fabrics, three thread polyester cotton fabrics, ringel interlock fabrics, ringel single jersey fabrics, double-knit ringel fabrics, ringel lycra jersey fabrics, acrylic fancy fabrics, fancy woolen fabrics, fancy fabrics regatta, winter fabric, summer fabric, men winter fabric, lady winter fabric, men summer fabric, lady summer fabric, twisted viscose fabric, compact interlock fabric, combed lacoste fabric, full lycra jersey fabric, double-knit full lycra fabric, double-knit combed cotton fabric, diagonal fabric, double-knit polyester cotton fabric, three thread polyester cotton fabric, ringel interlock fabric, ringel single jersey fabric, double-knit ringel fabric, ringel lycra jersey fabric, acrylic fancy fabric, fancy woolen fabric, fancy fabric regatta, winter fabric, summer fabric, men winter fabric, lady winter fabric, men summer fabric, lady summer fabric, viscose fabric, twisted viscose fabric, compact interlock fabric, combed lacoste fabric, full lycra jersey fabric, double-knit full lycra fabric, combed cotton jersey fabric, double-knit combed cotton fabric, diagonal fabric, double-knit polyester cotton fabric
ORION TEKSTIL SAN. VE DIS TIC. A.S.        Türkiye     Ahmet EMİR    
s fabric, fabrics, textile, textile material, textile materials
MANASI AOYANG TECHNOLOGY CO. LTD.        Çin     Sharon Yang    
s textile material, viscose staple fiber, vsf
BOSSA TICARET A.S.        Türkiye     Besim ÖZEK    
s shirt, shirts, suit, suits, denim, sportwear, garments, garment, clothings, clothing, textile, textiles, ready wear, ready wears, ready, wearready, wearsclothes, apparel, apparels, denims, fabrics, textile products, fabric, clothes, readywear, textile product, fabric types, clothing fabrics, textile material, garment products, textile materials, readywears, fabric products, clothing products, clothing fabric, womens clothing, fabric product, garment product, dress products, dress product, clothes product, womens clothing products, womens outfit, womens clothings
DERPA KIRTASIYE LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Celal DERE    
s packing products, barcode labels, barcode ribbons, cloth labels, carton labels, computers, computer consumables, shirt materials, cartons, paper cutting services, paper sizing services, swifts, swift guns, stationery products, office products, garment accessories, textile accessories, garment consumables, textile consumables, stain cleaning powders, stain cleaning materials, auto fresheners, industrial type paper products, paper products, packing tapes, sellotapes, adhesive tapes, clean, napkins, cleaning products, tissues, industrial cleaning products, nylon bags, home cleaning products, textile material, toilet papers, stationery materials, stationery material, textile accessory, tissue papers, interlinings, safety pins, ironing materials, home type ironing materials, industrial type ironing materials, cloth plotting papers, cloth papers, plotter papers, cellulose tissue papers, textile consumable, garment accessory
s fabric, fabrics, jersey, jerseyed, knit fabric, textile material, textile materials, fantasy fabric, fantasy fabrics, cloth, stuff, texture, open end full lycra, open end full lycra fabric, full lycra fabric, lycra fabric, open end fabric, single jersey, single jersey fabric, camisole, camisole fabric, lacoste, lacoste fabric, double knit, double knit fabric, gloria, gloria fabric, crepe, crepe fabric, camisole fabrics, lacoste knit fabrics, lacoste knit fabric, double knit fabrics, gloria fabrics, crepe fabrics
D.VECI TEKSTIL LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Burçin Gündes    
s textile accessories, textile materials, buttons, snap buttons, fashion jewelries, fashion jewelleries, jeans buttons, no sew buttons, trims, rivets, belts, eyelets, zipper pullers, leather trims, laces, buckles, leather belts, pu fake leather belts, genuine leather belts, leather labels, leather bracelets, hang tags, textile accessory, textile material, button, snap button, fashion jewelry, fashion jewellery, jeans button, no sew button, shank button, fashion, zipper puller, rings, brooch, earrings, braclets, chains, studs, pendants, fashion jewelery, leather triming, trimmings, metal trimmings, cotton labels, ribana, brass chains, keyrings, key holders, shankbuttons, sewing buttons, sewing accessories, sew-on stones, shoes accessories, shoe buckles, tassels, metal tassels, cotton tassels, leather bags, leather wallets, rhinestone trimmings, fashion buttons, deco buttons, d-rings, metal rings, customised buttons, customised snap buttons, customised rivets, hooks, hook and eyes, closures, carabean hooks, bag accessories, wallet accessories, metal logo plates, logo plates, sew-on logo plates, wedding dress accessories, wedding dress trimmings, agraphs, leather belt, lace, leather bracelet, eyelet, genuine leather belt, buckle, rivet, belt, leather label, trim, hang tag, leather trim, pu fake leather belt
ASIL DERI SAN. TIC. LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Nejat SU    
s label, textile labels, leather labels, labels, textile materials, leather textile materials, textile leather materials, textile items, leather textile items, textile leather items, leather textile labels, textile leather labels, garment labels, ready wear labels, leather garment labels, denims labels, leather denims labels, jeans labels, leather jeans labels, jeans leather labels, denims leather labels, textile label, leather label, textile material, textile item, readywear labels, leather textile material, textile leather material, leather textile item, textile leather item, leather textile label, textile leather label, garment label, readywear label, leather garment label, denims label, leather denims label, jeans label, leather jeans label, jeans leather label, denims leather label
s camisole, camisole fabric, cloth, double knit, double knit fabric, fabric, fabrics, fantasy fabric, fantasy fabrics, full lycra fabric, jersey, jerseyed, knit fabric, lacoste, lacoste fabric, lycra fabric, open end fabric, open end full lycra, open end full lycra fabric, single jersey, single jersey fabric, stuff, textile material, textile materials, texture
NOYA GLOBAL SAN. DIS TIC. LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Sinan AKKAYA    
s fabric, fabrics, cloth, cloths, textiles, textile products, textile materials, textile items, print fabrics, printing fabrics, prints, printings, textile fabrics, woven fabrics, wovens, textile, textile product, textile material, textile item, print fabric, printing fabric, print, printing, textile fabric, woven fabric, woven, fabric for curtain, fabrics for curtain, curtain fabric, curtain fabrics
DORTRENK TURIZM TIC. LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Deniz Tayfun TASCI    
s bus spare parts, engine parts, power trains, wheel wheels, lightings, bodyworks, mirrors, heating equipments, cooling equipments, ventilation equipments, chair materials, textile materials, dampers, truck spare parts, 18-wheeler spare parts, filters, rubber parts, metal parts, bearings, seals, belts, boots, boot materials, wheel covers, nut caps, turbochargers, bus spare part, engine part, power train, lighting, bodywork, auto spare parts, clutches, brakes, under frames, engines, auto l, truck spare part, metal part, rubber part, bearing, mirror, turbocharger, boot, wheel cover, textile material, damper, ventilation equipment, seal, belt, heating equipment, filter, cooling equipment, chair material, 18-wheeler spare part, boot material, nut cap
MAYER ORME TEKSTIL LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Marina Tan    
s textile product, textile material, fabric, terry fabric, warp knitted terry fabric, terry towel fabric, terry bathrobe fabric, dyed terry fabric, printed terry fabric, home textile, hotel towel, promo textile, beach towel, towel, bathrobe, cotton terry fabric, polyester terry fabric, bamboo terry fabric, organic bamboo fabric, customized terry fabric, plain dyed terry fabric, towels, bathrobes, cotton blended terry fabric, double sided terry fabric, toys terry fabric, baby clothes terry fabric, sublimation printed towels, promotional towels, terry cloth fabric, towel fabrics, tissue, terry material
NASSERI MANESH MAKINA LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Ömer Faruk ÖZKORUL    
s natural stones, granites, marbles, construction equipments, engineering vehicles, caterpillars, heavy construction machines, earth movers, industrial machines, rail system equipments, textile materials, textile semi-finishings, textile intermediate products, drilling equipments, drill equipments, refinery equipments, geothermal systems, geothermal energy systems, renewable energy sysetms, solar systems, solar energy systems, solar energy, geothermal energy, renewable energy, geothermal, solar, n, granite, construction equipment, caterpillar, solar system, earth mover, solar energy system, industrial machine, textile material, marble, natural stone, drilling equipment, drill equipment, heavy construction machine, engineering vehicle, refinery equipment, rail system equipment, textile semi-finishing, textile intermediate product, geothermal system, geothermal energy system, renewable energy sysetm
3K AMBALAJ LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Mehmet Kasan    
s textile accessories, textile materials, waddings, spinning hooks, buttons, shirt materials, shirt gelatins, gelatins, machine needles, needles, sewing yarns, threads, yarns, pocketing cloths, collar belts, cuff belts, elastic rolls, textile accessory, textile material, wadding, spinning hook, button, shirt material, shirt gelatin, gelatin, machine needle, needle, sewing yarn, thread, yarn, pocketing cloth, collar belt, cuff belt, elastic roll, shirt buttons, shirting buttons, shirt button, shirting button, gelatins