Turkish Plumbing Materials Manufacturers and Suppliers

Turkish plumbing materials, Turkey plumbing materials manufacturers/suppliers and exporters directory. High quality plumbing materials from Turkish suppliers, exporters and manufacturer companies in Turkey.

GUVEN MUSLUK SAN. TIC. LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Sezgin KEMİKOĞLU    
s sanitarywares, plumbing materials, sanitation materials, faucets, mixers, mixtures, taps, plugs, bathtub faucets, shower sets, shower heads, showerheads, sink faucets, lavatory faucets, swan faucets, rotary lavatory faucets, eagle faucets, over counter faucets, bathroom faucets, rotating sink faucets, applique faucets, dish sink faucets, lustration faucets, ball valves, bidets, nozzles with filter, syphons, sanitation, sanitaryware, faucet, tap, mixer, mixture, pipes, flanges, syphon, sink faucet, elbows, shower faucets, mini ball valve, nipples, barber faucet, bathroom faucet, shower set, inlaid kitchen sink faucet, kitchen sink faucet, long faucet, eagle faucet, pissoir syphon, shower faucet, slide shower set, nipple, bathtub faucet, laundry taps, slide shower sets, applique faucet, bidet nozzles, barber faucets, mini ball valves, stop valves, ball valve, gaskets, bidet, plug, shower head, lavatory faucet, kitchen sink faucets, laundry tap, plumbing material, swan lavatory faucets, swan sink faucets, applique sink faucets, double inlet faucets, faucet extensions, globe bidets, short faucets, long faucets, inlaid kitchen sink faucets, rotative sink faucets, pissoir faucets, pissoir syphons, bellow syphons, sanitation material, showerhead, swan faucet, swan lavatory faucet, swan sink faucet, rotary lavatory faucet, over counter faucet, rotating sink faucet, applique sink faucet, dish sink faucet, lustration faucet, double inlet faucet, nozzle with filter, faucet extension, globe bidet, short faucet, rotative sink faucet, pissoir faucet, bidet nozzle
TEKSAV DIS TIC. ELEKTRIK CO. LTD.        Türkiye     muharrem çiman    
s agricultural equipments, agricultural irrigation systems, agricultural products, dried fruits, farm machinary, harvester, hoses, infrastructure systems, plough, plumbing materials, rotary drum mower, rotary tiller, seed drill, seeder, agricultural equipment, agricultural instrument, agricultural machine, agricultural machinery, agricultural machines, farming machine, farming machinery, farming machines, combine harvester parts, combine harvester spare, harvester spare parts, harvester parts combine, harvester combine parts, combine harvester, parts combine harvester, agriculture machinery parts, combine harvester combine, harvester spare part
ASPAC AMBALAJ TIC. LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Volkan YORKAN    
s building materials, building material, hardware product, hardware products, pipes, flanges, pipe fittings, plumbing materials, natural gas supplies, insulation products, insulation materials, fasteners, mechanical products, flat flanges, blind flanges, pipe flanges, heating flanges, swivel flanges, rotary flange rings, welding neck flanges, threaded flanges, gaskets, tees, inegal tees, transition nozzles, concentric reducers, gas boilers, panel radiators, kitchen and bathroom tiles, pvc pipes, packaging, generators, rubber, bathroom accessories, cooling systems, packaging materials, bathroom, transformers, boxes, fans, shower, ventilation systems, packaging products, rectangular shower trays, boilers, cardboard boxes, stands, air conditioning systems, power cable, food packaging products, building automation, plumbing, offset products, sewage systems, aluminum sheets, cartons, glass wool, vacuum cleaners, offset, air curtains, pharmaceutical packaging, corrugated boxes, air handling units, aluminum disc, heating systems, spa products, ups, air conditioners, cardboard, industrial packaging products, fan coils, rock wool, data cable, regulators, heat recovery units, air conditioning and ventilation systems, drainage and sewerage systems, rectangular tub, cosmetics packaging products, textile packaging products, metallized boxes, pvc and steel pipes, corrugated galvanized sheets, freckles, pool dehumidification plants, flexible air ducts, rain water installations, heating and heating supply, steam system, circular bathtub, metalized printed boxes, micro-corrugated boxes, micro plaster must cans, foil stamping practical boxes, acetate window boxes, plaster-box, foil stamping box
VAMATES TESISAT TEKN. LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Ahmet ÜNAL    
s valves, valve, plumbing materials, plumbing material, plumbing equipments, plumbing equipment, hydraulic valves, pneumatic valve, hydraulic pneumatic equipments, stainless fittings, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic pipes, reductors, hydraulic piston, hydraulic hose, hydraulic fittings
TEK DUSAKABIN        Türkiye     Mustafa dursun    
s shower cabin, shower cabins, plumbing materials, sanitarywares, sanitaryware, sanitary system, plumbing equipments, bathtub, wash basin, bath-tub, jacuzzi, shower tube, shower bath, bathroom cabinets, shower cabin accessories
ERDEM DUSAKABIN TASARIM        Türkiye     Serkan PALALI    
s shower cabin, shower cabins, plumbing fixtures, plumbing fixture, plumbing materials, plumbing material, oval shower cabin, square shower cabin, wooden shower cabin, folding shower cabin, shower cabin systems, shower cabin accessories, shower, marble shower trays, shower gel, shower sets, shower set, shower trays, shower tray, shower enclosure, shower gels, shower systems, shower curtains, shower enclosures, showers, shower head, shower cabin profiles, shower curtain, shower screen, sliding shower set, sliding shower sets, shower system, shower tube, shower faucet, shower bases, shower bath, shower drain, shower heads, shower faucets, shower cabinet, shower mixers, shower drains, shower hose, shower channels, shower mixer, shower room, shower panel, shower panels, shower enclosure systems, shower cabin profile, shower screens, bathroom shower, shower stalls, shower stall, shower cap, showerhead, shower enclosure accessories, walk-in shower
MERIC PAZARLAMA LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Figen TAHSİN    
s home textile products, hotel textile products, food products, foodstuff, medical products, small household appliances, electric household appliances, heating units, residential heating, hardware supplies, garden supplies, garden equipments, adult pads, white goods, kitchen equipments, cooking equipments, bedroom textile products, plastic garden supplies, cake, bathrobe, oven, ironing board, pulses, pasta, ladder, textile products, bedlinen, clothes hangers, pique, bed covers, duvet sets, table covers, blanket, quilt cover set, bed linens, shower curtain, dry food, bicycle, tap, hose, garden hose, terry towel, infrared heater, bath towels, soft towel, patient pads, medical supplies, legumes, sanitarywares, rug, linens, stove, laundry hanger, barbecue, laundry equipments, seat covers, irrigation hose, towels, heating systems, plastic waste container, quartz heater, residential heating products, electric stove, home textile materials, interior textile products, residential heating equipment, interior heating products, bedroom textile materials, plumbing materials, laundry supplies, bath curtain, water fittings, hotplate oven, electric blanket, marine textile products, marine textile materials, face towel
BIEL YAPI MALZ. INS.TEKSTIL SAN. VE TIC.A.S.        Türkiye     Faruk ELVAN    
s plumbing materials, plumbing accessories, sanitaryware, sanitary system, toilet seats, flushing mechanisms, bathroom accessories, bathroom accessory set, toilet covers
s hardware products, hardwares, screws, hand tools, bolts, fasteners, hoses, trailer equipments, hydraulic pneumatic materials, compressors, pumps, plumbing equipments, plumbing materials, lathe, router, water purification system, chemical products, electrical products
s plumbing materials, sanitary materials, sanitary equipments, water armatures, valves, valve, hose union, hose nozzle, nipple, reduction, mini valve, filters, bushed valve, natural gas valve, sanitary taps, sanitary tapware
INOVA SERAMIK SAN. TIC. A.S.        Türkiye     Bayram Kotan    
s ceramic products, plumbing materials, sanitaryware, ceramic sink, ceramic washbasin, sanitary ware, bathroom ceramics, fire clay ceramic, ceramic liva, ceramic sink inca, ceramic sink altis, ceramic sink pera, ceramic sink vista, ceramic sink flora, ceramic sink oreo
HERIS INSAAT A.S.        Türkiye         
s sanitaryware, plumbing materials, construction materials, building materials, shower trays, shower enclosure, bathroom accessories, bathtub
AKEL PLASTIK        Türkiye     yılmaz davulcu    
s construction products, construction materials, building materials, sanitaryware, plumbing materials, hardware, toilet seat cover, toilet cover, gaskets, seals, bathroom accessories, valves, faucets, electrical products, lighting products, lighting armatures, socket, plug socket, fuse box
s plumbing materials, plumbing equipments, flanges, flange, valves, elbows, couplings, coupling, reduction, reducer, pipes, plumbing fittings, gaskets, insulation materials, stainless fittings, stainless materials, clamps
TEKNOPRES        Türkiye     sezer ünay    
s plumbing materials, plumbing equipments, sanitarywares, sanitary systems, bathroom accessories, bathroom armatures, door handles, faucets, taps, shower set, couplings, fire cabinets, mirrors, bathroom mirrors, bathroom fittings, washbasin, sink
s plastic products, plastic materials, plumbing equipments, plumbing materials, faucets, taps, faucet, tap, bathroom products, bathroom materials, toilet seat, toilet seat cover, siphon
s plumbing materials, plumbing products, plumbing equipments, sanitary system, sanitaryware, valves, showers, shower set, bathroom armatures, taps, faucets, tap, faucet, natural gas pliers, pipe clamps, fastener hoses, coupling
BOZDAG KIMYEVI VE ENDUSTRIYEL LTD. STI.        Türkiye     murat bozdag    
s chemical products, chemicals, chemical product, hardwares, hardware, filling materials, filling material, chemical additives, epoxy, industrial materials, industrial products, valves, hand tools, gaskets, plumbing materials, electrical materials
TEKSU TARIM LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Ayhan TEKER    
s plumbing materials, plumbing equipments, sanitaryware, sanitation systems, valves, faucets, shower set, hardwares, pumps, submersible pumps, drainage pumps, shaft pumps, centrifugal pump, centrifugal pumps, rotary pump, waste water pumps
HALUK ELEKTRIK A.S.        Türkiye     ARDA ÖZKIYICI    
s electrical products, electrical materials, plumbing equipment, plumbing materials, electrical plumbing equipments, cables, cable, generators, generator, transformer, consultancy services, counselling services, electric cables, engineering services